Copier and Banner Media

Copier and Banner Media


Are you looking for banner paper for copiers and printers that are capable of printing extra long sheets or banners?

Many devices in the market, like the Aficio MP C5502 or Toshiba e-STUDIO6530C, feature a banner printing function. With this function, extra long banners up to 47.25” x 12” can be printed.


7.7mil Super-OP White Polyester Banner Material Benefits

  • Comparable to the Aqua-Ace™ AABNRC2S
  • Does not require laminating: already waterproof and tearproof
  • Very high opacity for double side printing with no show through
  • Resists smudging and fading even in the toughest conditions
  • Suitable for color or monochrome copying and printing
  • Durable wipe clean surface, accepting pen even after printing
  • Light fast with excellent archival qualities

Shipping and Storing Banner Materialbucket-o-banners-graphic

All of our banner materials are supplied in sheets shipped in our unique 5 gallon Buckets-O-Banners.

The bucket eliminates shipping damage and providing easy storage of these large sheets at your location.


 We Have Extended Our Bucket-O-Banners Range to 5 Materials!

  1. Economy 20lb. bond
  2. Banner_Print_examples40lb. Bright White Bond
  3. 40lb. Photo-Gloss Bond
  4. Self-adhesive White Vinyl
  5. Waterproof Synthetic Paper

We now offer the most comprehensive range of digital media for banner printing on copiers. These materials will feed and perform with extraordinary results on your banner capable copiers. All of our materials – except the 20lb. bond* – are supplied in sheets and shipped in our unique 5 gallon Buckets-O-Banners. The bucket eliminates shipping damage and providing easy storage of these large sheets at your location.

*The 20lb. Bond is supplied as a roll for economy and convenience


Product Code


40lb. Matte Bond


100 Sheets

40lb. Gloss Bond


100 Sheets

Synthetic Paper


50 Sheets

Self Adhesive Vinyl


50 Sheets

20lb. Bond


500ft Roll**

Combo Bucket


Assorted sheets & roll

Waterproof Synthetic Paper Specification

 7mil Waterproof Synthetic Paper for Banners




NEW! Banner Combo Bucket NEW!

Bucket-o-Banner Combo Matrix

We realize that not everyone can justify ordering full buckets of each of these materials.

To enable you to offer all the media choices, we have introduced our Combo Bucket.

The samples papers are 47.25″ x 12″ each.
The combo bucket includes the following:

- 25 sheets: 40lb. matte paper
- 25 sheets: 40lb. gloss bond paper
- 15 sheets: Waterproof synthetic paper
- 10 sheets: Waterproof self-adhesive vinyl
- One full 500 ft roll of 20lb. bond

You can also ask to mix and match and make your own combo Bucket-O-Banners!




For more details about this material and others that can be run through banner-enabled copiers, contact us at or call: 800.704.4647.


Watch how easy it is to Print Banners in this YouTube video!

Watch this demonstration of running banner media on a Ricoh MP C3003. A quick, easy and profitable way to produce banners for your customers!