Engineering Copier Rolls

Engineering Copier Rolls

Xerographic copiers provide architectural and engineering design professionals with the facility to make large format reproductions a snap. These machines provide high-speed copies up to 42" wide on a wide variety of media types to match every application. Copier_image

We offer the widest range of paper and film stocks in roll format to support this popular business service requirement.

Comprehensive Range

18, 20, 24 32 and 40lb Bonds
bullet Clear and White Films
bullet Colored Papers
bullet All Weather Paper
bullet Recycled Papers
bullet Translucent Film
bullet Vellum
bullet Document Carriers

Using inkjet for your CAD and engineering prints?

If you are using an aquious inkjet printer for your engineering prints then you have a much wider range of media available to you. Please refer to our inkjet CAD and engineering media range. Click here.


To minimize freight cost and speed delivery times these materials are shipped from nine convenient locations in major population areas throughout the United States.

20# Bright White Bond Paper

The most popular media for xerographic copiers!20lb. Bright White Bond

20 lb. bond is a 92 bright, opaque bond which is great for creating inexpensive prints for check plots or distribution copies. The white base provides high contrast.

The surface finish is optimized for all laser, LED and xerographic plotters/printers.

For larger quantity users of 20lb. bond, MtM offers mini-skid and full-skid quantity packaging.


Keeping the environment in mind – this service limits excess packaging and waste – as well as speeds the process of loading new rolls.

Pallet Shipping Size Options:Dietzgen Mini Pallet

  • Mini-skids contain 24 rolls
  • Full skid contains 48 rolls of a specific product and width

Rolls arrive individually wrapped for protection on the pallet, rather than in cartons of two rolls.

The savings in packaging costs, as well as labor and time – are passed onto large consumers – making these pallets more economical than purchasing rolls or cartons individually.

24# Bond Paper


A true xerographic, laser and LED quality premium paper – designed specifically for engineering copiers.

The 24 lb. bond is bright white for strong visual contrast and is manufactured to control curl and static.

This opaque bond is a premium weight, economical choice for xerographic output.


18# Translucent Bond Paper

150x150translucentbondpaperAn economical alternative to vellum and films, our lighter weight bond paper has a natural translucency, and features a smooth surface that readily accepts pencil and ink notations.

Translucent bond paper is suitable for reproduction masters and limited overlay applications.



All Weather Paper

riteinrainlogoUse “Rite in the Rain” patented wide format xerographic paper for your plans and specifications exposed to the environment. No more needing to laminate your important documents to use on-site!

“Rite in the Rain” all-weather wide format paper is your tool for better job productivity.
The light blue tint reduces glare and indicates that this paper can be used outside.
It’s even recyclable as plain paper.recyclelogo


Translucent Matte Film

Translucent matte film is a frosted material that is a very high quality, dimensionally stable film.  It has been formulated from specially structured, anti-static polyester to promote smooth, reliable feeding.

This film is almost impossible to tear and the two-side coated surface can be written on with both ink and pencil.



In addition to xerographic copying, this film is ideal for:

  • Architectural drawings
  • Color separations
  • Registration guides
  • Various silk screen applications

Clear and White Polyester Film

Polyester films offer the durability of polyester, resistance to moisture and have wipe clean surfaces. The 4 mil clear film is suitable for overlay and specialty display applications, including templates, guides and oversize document covers.

The white polyester film can be used for archival prints and waterproof, outdoor image applications




MtM’s 100% cotton based vellum material is transparentized with environmentally friendly solvents.

A surface treatment is applied to produce an extremely smooth faced sheet with excellent pickup and minimal solvent migration.

Lines and graphics come out clear, sharp, and dense. 100% cotton means that our vellum will stand up to long term archival needs.

Our vellum is a 20# basis weight which is non-erasable and anti-yellowing.

Colored Bonds

Colored bonds are comparable in weight to our standard 20 lb. xerographic bond.Available in four pastel colors: Yellow, Pink, Green and Blue.

Different colors provide you with the opportunity to color code check plots or to segment color for distribution copies.

120x120bluebond 120x120greenbond 120x120pinkbond 120x120yellowbond            



Document Sleeves

Document Sleeves, also known as Document Wallets and Carrier Sheets, are used when scanning fragile or oddly shaped documents. Also, they can be used if the originals would make the scanner dirty, such as pencil drawings or newspapers. They hold the original between two plastic sheets as it goes through the scanner. They can be used to hold several originals in position while scanning.

doc_sleevesTOP COVER – clear, gloss finish 2 sides
HINGE - bonded on short edge.
BACKING - White with satin finish.

Used for scanning fragile documents. such as dry, ageing and/or valuable documents. Even badly torn documents.

Scan multiple lightweight and/or odd shaped originals & upholstery patterns.

Scan transparencies more effectively. Light reflection and scan quality is improved by the white backing sheet.

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