Inkjet Media Rolls

Inkjet Media Rolls

Whether your application calls for a quick color graphic for use in a planning or design meeting – or a photographic print on 100% cotton canvas to be displayed in a museum for 30 years, rely on MtM products and guidance to create the perfect print combination. See below for details of the water-based ink jet paper product categories available from MtM.           inkjet media suppliers

Photographic Base Papers

Photobase papers are traditional resin-coated base stocks with gloss, satin, luster and pearl surfaces – designed to replicate a true photographic print appearance.

Photographic base stocks offer the highest ink absorption capacity, producing superior image quality, ink densities and vibrancy nearing those of true photographic process prints.

Due to the wide selection of surfaces as well as thicknesses from 7 mil to 12 mil, photographic papers offer ink jet users many finished print application opportunities.

Luster and Pearl Finishes

Luster and Pearl finish is the most popular surface options for photographic prints such as portraiture and wedding portfolios.

Gloss and Satin Surface Finishes

wfirfloorgraphicGloss and satin surface finishes are those most often selected for commercial print and display applications.

These papers are used in virtually every industry segment and are often desired for home and small office users as well. Our photographic papers offer users additional benefits including:

  • Brilliant color reproduction
  • Higher glossiness and flatness without any surface cracking
  • Instant dry
  • Superior whiteness
  • Water-resistant and smudge-proof surfaces

Photographic Base Paper can be found in our Online Catalog, page 166.

High Resolution Coated Bond Paper for Wide Format Inkjet Rolls

All high resolution matte bond papers feature a top surface coating to capture the ink fired from the print heads and control the dot spread onto the paper surface.

When done correctly, prints created on these papers can be quite outstanding! The key is to match a paper’s weight and thickness to the amount of ink coverage required for the finished print.

Our coated bonds stretch from the lightest 24 lb. basis weight color bond for line work and low-resolution imaging, up to a 10.5 mil, 230 gram paper for premium image production.

All of our bonds feature a water resistant top coating to eliminate smudging due to handling, and are compatible with all types of water-based inks from equipment brands including:

Wide format inkjet paper from MtMWide format inkjet paper from MtMWide format inkjet paper from MtM

Use bond papers for quick, low-cost design graphics, short term posters and directional signage, photographic enlargements that can be finished with lamination and imposition proofing.

High-Resolution Coated Bond Paper can be found in our Online Catalog, page 182

Self-Adhesive Films, Vinyls and Papers for Wide Format Inkjet Rolls

bellallanticvan  houseofsoundvan Remax Wrap Van Graphic

Our selection of adhesive back papers, fabrics and vinyls allow you to mount graphics onto boards or other surfaces for display purposes. Easily achieved and generally at a lesser cost than traditional mounting adhesives! The range of image surfaces choices include:

Retail Window Cling Display

  • Gloss photo paper
  • High resolution bond paper
  • Lustre photo paper
  • Permanent vinyl
  • Repositionable vinyl
  • Ultra repostionable fabric stock

By imaging onto a self-adhesive stock, you can match the face surface to whatever the application requires. Some examples include:
Wide Format Inkjet Roll Back RV Graphic

  • Prototype packaging design
  • High resolution bond paper
  • Marketing posters
  • Photo paper
  • Vehicle graphicsWide Format Inkjet Floor Graphic
  • Repositionable vinyl
  • Window displays
  • Clear film for window displays
  • Wall graphics and temporary decorations
  • Ultra-repositionable fabric

Self-Adhesive Papers and Vinyls can be found in our Online Catalog, starting on page 190.

Banner and Fabric Material for Wide Format Inkjet Rolls

Roller Banner Stand

Banner displays represent one of the more popular applications for wide format ink jet equipment.

MtM Trade Show BannerMtM’s selection of tear and water-resistant vinyls, polypropylenes and polyester fabrics allows for a choice of products to match the method of display.

We are happy to recommend the best choices to meet your required duration and durability to the environment where the graphic will be displayed.

Free Brake Inspection BannerWhile our traditional scrim banner vinyl offers high opacity and extreme durability for long term display, our polyester fabric options provide a lighter, “soft-signage” approach – offering a richer, more natural look to a variety of both indoor and outdoor applications. Banner and GrommetsThis is particularly true in comparison to vinyl which has a more plastic and artificial appearance.  

Our banner materials cover the spectrum in thickness from lightweight to heavyweight – however all can be sewn, grommetted and taped – to allow for any type hanging need required.

Tradeshow Banner and Fabric Materials can be found in our Online Catalog, starting on page 172.  Banner Stands and information can be found on page 206.

Fine Art Canvas Material for Wide Format Inkjet Rolls

Fine Art Canvas Mounted

Canvas provides a wonderful medium for those looking to enhance their office decor, home or workspace with fine art, giclee, and photographic quality prints.

Canvas offers the same elegant appearance as an original oil or watercolor painting, and the special coating allows for further “artist embellishment” with the addition of the artist’s own unique brushstrokes on the inkjet canvas print. The quality of these reproductions is sure to give anybody the prestige and satisfaction of a serious fine art collector.

Canvas stretchedCanvas inkjet art prints do not need to be framed with glass to look amazing! They can also be stretched around gallery wraps, which makes for a great canvas display.  Canvas prints are also substantially more durable than conventional paper prints, and last for many years without any color shift. Applications for our canvas options include:

  • Backdrops and murals
  • Birthdays
  • Fine art reproduction
  • Graduation and retirement photos
  • Hotel and commercial office decor
  • Indoor signage
  • Interpretive exhibits
  • Museum prints
  • Personalized gift for friends and family
  • Student photos and portraiture
  • Studio photography and prints
  • Wedding displays

Fine Art Canvas Material for Wide Format Inkjet Rolls can be found in our Online Catalog, page 200.

Fine Art Papers for Wide Format Inkjet Rolls

Fine Art Paper

Digitally produced fine art has previously been available only from higher end ink jet printers.  With increased quality of print heads and papers, you can reproduce artist grade and fine art prints on a huge variety of specially coated, mould-made and watercolor papers.

These papers are all coated with water-resist surfaces to eliminate smudging, and provide the look and feel of a fine quality painting.

Suitable for fine art reproductions and portraiture, the choice of coloration, textures, and weights/thicknesses of stocks will ensure a material ideal for any artist’s eye.

Display your images on acid free, lignin-free materials designed to last years. Choose from:

  • 100% cotton rag
  • German etching
  • Smooth photo rag
  • Textured watercolor paper

The quality of graphics from today’s inkjet printers allow for virtually any imaging application to be achieved quickly and affordably.

Fine Art Papers for Wide Format Inkjet Rolls can be found in our Online Catalog, page 196.

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Our swatchbook features images printed on our wide range of materials. The samples can help both equipment users and customers by giving a visual perspective of the surface of the material, the weight or thickness of the stock, its rigidity and its coloration.

Our swatchbook ensures materials recommended match the customer’s perception of the finished piece.

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