Inkjet Printable Poster Board

Inkjet Printable Poster Board

Poster Board available from MtM Imaging Supplies


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Direct printable ink jet poster boards for Epson inkjet printers offers you the opportunity to save time, as well as labor and material costs, in creating rigid, durable graphics.

With our new coated ink jet receptive boards, direct imaging onto the rigid substrate for immediate display is simple, with no additional finishing required.

Whatever the application, whether photographic images, directional signage, point-of-purchase displays, courtroom graphics, or marketing and advertising displays, these lustre surface or matte surface boards allow users to achieve the fastest and most efficient production, eliminating waste, and saving both time and money.

Poster-Board-51_mil20% less expensive that the Epson boards, comparable to Epson S041598, and S041599, with many more Size, Thickness & Surface finishes options. No expensive mounting equipment needed. Custom cut sizes available.

For use with the older and newest Epson Stylus Pro 10000, 10600, 7500, 7600, 7800, 7880, 7890, 7900, 9500, 9600, 9700, 9800, 9880, 9890, 9900, 11880, T3270, T5270, T7270,

Size Thickness and Surface options


Applications include

 Photographic Images
bullet Directional Signage
bullet Point of Purchase Displays
bullet Courtroom Graphics
bullet Advertising Displays
bullet Menu Boards
bullet Game Boards
bullet Prototypes
bullet Glamour Boards
bullet Fine Art Prints

Epson Printable Poster BoardSave time, effort and there's no expensive mounting equipment needed!

Traditional methods of creating rigid displays usually meant printing onto a photo paper and then applying a self-adhesive mounting film to the back of the graphic using a roll laminator. This sticky-back graphic would then be applied to a rigid substrate such as foam board, sintra, etc.

The costs of materials, as well as time involved in this process, is substantial.

Newer, self-adhesive ink jet papers and films can help save a step in this process, however they still require a expensive laminator or mounting device, and the potential for application or production errors such as bubbling or alignment still exist.

Avoid the aggravation of mounting photo paper and films. Use directly printable ink jet poster boards to save time, effort and material costs the next time you need to create  rigid, durable graphics.

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