Lift Off Die Cuts

Lift Off™ die cuts from Blanks/USA®

321 Lift Off pre-diecut sheets
Lift_off_boxHave you ever printed on one of those pre-diecut sheets, you know the ones that can be a bit flimsy and give you that uneasy feeling that this is going to come apart in the copier?

How about the time it takes trying to tear all those perforations just to get the item loose from the sheet without tearing the actual product itself.

And what about that serious razor sharp edge left by the perforations.

NOW! You don't have to put up with any of this ever again!

Save money, time and paper cuts with this new unique and revolutionary product offering called Lift Off™.

LiftOff™ has been developed to provide a printer/copier friendly, fast blank removal, clean edged and tear resistant 3D dimensional product for copiers and printers.

LiftOff™ has a film carrier to support and transport the die cut blank through the copier. Then the real magic starts. peel away the film carrier to remove the item from the matrix in a fraction of the time conventional sheets take. Often the blanks just freely release from the surround. And since there are no perforations the edges are super smooth. Last but not least the reverse of the sheet is laminated to give a tough, tear-proof, durable product.

That’s a huge productivity benefit, HUGE! Just how much faster? take a look at this short video.

Lift Off™ die cuts from Blanks/USA®

Creative uses people have found for LiftOff™ dimensional products.
 Off pre-diecut sheets

Custom layouts available. If any of the standard items do not meet your needs, we can tailor the media for your exact usage.

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Three media types available
12pt cast coat high gloss C1S card
14pt. Invercoat Smooth matte card
100lb. Vellum Cover matte bright white card


  • Proprietary technology for super smooth clean edges
  • Easy fast removal from surrounding sheet
  • Unique media option for promotional messaging
  • Designed for variable printability
  • Compatible on a variety of digital equipment
  • Performance Guaranteed

Ideal for:

  • Unique Promotions
  • Packaging
  • Fundraising
  • Mailings
  • Gifting and much, much, more...

More information can be found in our
Online Catalog starting on page 44. 

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Free Product Templates

Templates are available in the following file formats:

  • Adobe PDF
  • Illustrator
  • Indesign
  • Publisher
  • Word
  • Quark Express.

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