Mounting Adhesives

Mounting Adhesives

Mounting Adhesives from MtMRoll mounting adhesives provide the means to create more durable, more attractive graphics for virtually any application from Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays to trade show graphics to courtroom exhibits.

We offer a variety of roll adhesive options to match your material and mounting needs.  In all cases, a roll laminator is the best tool for applying these materials to your substrates. The adhesives we offer include:

Custom Window Clings & Optically Clear Mounting Adhesive

Custom Window Cling

  • Optically Clear Mounting Adhesives from MtMWindow clings offer a special one-side permanent adhesive which faces the image, and a second-side removable adhesive for application to the interior of windows.
  • Creates a highly visible, easily repositionable, custom window graphics for marketing and promotional applications in storefronts, restaurants and offices.
  • Features UV inhibitors which reduce the effects of damaging rays and premature fading.

Optically Clear Mounting Adhesive

  • Primarily used for face mounting and window displays.
  • Two-sided mounting films are excellent for mounting backlit films to Plexiglass, acrylic and other similar materials used in backlit display applications.

EASYUP® Window Mounting Tape

MtM Supplier of EasyUp Mounting TapeEASYUP® tape is an optically clear, 2-sided adhesive designed to apply non-adhesive graphics to the interior of windows.

EASY-UP Tape Applied to Store Window

  • Ideal for retail Point-of-Purchase (POP) application posters or large format prints.
  • Allows customers to read graphics from outside, while still protecting prints from the elements as well as removal or tampering by vandals. 
  • Permanent adhesive on one side and a removable adhesive on the other.
  • Makes applying and removal of prints simple and affordable.
  • One inch wide by 200′ long roll.

Double-Sided Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

  • Film Mounting Adhesives from MtMConsists of 3 mil white polyester film coated with an aggressive solvent based, acrylic adhesive.
  • The white carrier film diminishes the effect of light and show through when mounting to thinner materials and to darker substrates.
  • The more aggressive adhesive allows for a superior bond on smooth plastic surfaces including Sintra, PVC, Plexiglass and Polycarbonates.
  • This is an ideal adhesive for wide format digital prints in that it can mount all types of graphics to virtually any substrate and maintain a strong bond for years, even when the graphic is exposed to extremes in temperature and UV light.
  • Our most popular adhesive!