Product Instruction Sheets

Product Instruction Sheets

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ATP T-Shirt Transfer Instructions ATP T-Shirt Transfer Instructions

Instructions for the use of Color Laser Copier ATP/A & ATP/B Transfer Paper for Non-Fuser Oil Copiers, including washing and care tips.








CLC-PG-5 and CLC-PG-7 Transparency Film Instructions CLC-PG-5 and CLC-PG-7 Transparency Film Instructions

Instructions in the use of  CLC-PG-5 No Stripe Transparency Film and  CLC-PG-7 Heavyweight Transparency Film both for Waxed Based Toner Systems.








Using Color Copier Paper Color Copier Paper Instructions

Instructions for using MtM's revolutionary range of papers specially formulated for use in color laser copier systems. These papers have a highly smooth yet porous surface ideal for producing the finest color images. When it comes to copier paper, the smoother the better. Image quality depends on it. These materials are available in nine weight categories from light to extra heavy. The papers include matte, soft gloss and high gloss surfaces; which we offer in both single and double side coated versions. The proprietary coatings won’t blister or bubble from fuser heat.




How to use CopyMag in your printer CopyMag Instructions

 Instructions for using the world’s first magnetic paper, CopyMag combines a premium coated paper with a proprietary magnetic layer to deliver a uniquely attractive product. Lighter and less expensive than traditional magnets, CopyMag offers excellent color reproduction and superior toner adhesion on color laser copiers and printers, sheet-fed offset presses, flexographic webpresses and select digital presses. This paper is perfect for short run, quick turn-around print applications. Copymag can be scored, folded, die cut, perforated, foil stamped, glued and mailed.




How to use Laser Cling Film Window Cling Laser Cling Film Instructions










How to use PlastiCard and LamiCard in a printer PlastiCard and LamiCard Instructions

 Instructions for printing on Specialty ID Card Media.