Lamination: Pressure Sensitive (Cold)

Lamination: Pressure Sensitive (Cold)

Pressure Laminating Film from MtM

Our pressure sensitive lamination films are used for the protection and enhancement of output from photographic and digital print technologies.  “Cold” lamination films are available in 3 mil thickness in gloss, luster and matte finishes as well as a more robust 7 mil crystal version to match any application and surface sheen required.

Cold Lamination Film from MtMThe face stock of these films is a PVC film with an optically clear UV-resistant acrylic adhesive, which has repositionable properties initially and then cures to a permanent bond. Pressure sensitive lamination films allow for a single side application finish which can be trimmed to edge and help prints to endure severe environmental exposure and to reduce fading due to ultra-violet exposure.

MtM also offers two other specialty pressure sensitive cold lamination products:

Dry Erase Film*
A 1 mil thin dry erase film to turn any print into wipeable presentation boards, schedules, maps and training aids.

Laminating Materials from MtMPolycarbonate Film*
We offer three thicknesses of our polycarbonate films for trade show and exhibit use. These tough films provide a textured, pebble surface finish which is both scuff and scratch resistant.

*Note: Make sure to use these films in conjunction with the pressure sensitive backing film. 

UV Gloss Cold Lamination Film

  • Lamination Film from MtMAn exceptionally clear, glossy 3 mil film brings out the brightest colors of your finished piece.
  • Excellent lamination for applications including posters, Point-of-Purchase (POP), signage and displays with indirect lighting.
  • The acrylic adhesive insures a flat, permanent bond.
  • Available as a standard 2:1 polyester/adhesive ratio.


UV Lustre Cold Lamination Film

UV Lustre Laminating Film from MtM

  • A semi-gloss PVC lamination film, which provides a sparkling sheen surface finish enhancing contrast and color.
  • Perfect for applications such as retail window displays, in-store signage and anywhere that the graphic will be in areas of transitional and some direct lighting.
  • Available in a standard 2:1 polyester/adhesive ratio.



UV Matte Cold Lamination Film

UV Matte Laminating Film from MtM

  • The ideal surface for adding an elegant, yet subtle, non-reflective matte appearance to graphics.
  • UV inhibitors provide fade resistance.
  • Ideal for use in areas of high reflective light such as trade shows.
  • Best for indoor applications.



UV Crystal Cold Lamination Film

UV Crystal Lamination Film

A non-glare, scuff-resistant, pressure sensitive laminating film with a pebble finish.

High tack solvent acrylic adhesive deters tunneling. Scuff-resistant finish makes this 7 mil PVC (vinyl) laminating film ideal for laminated prints that will be placed in high traffic indoor display areas.

Create durable floor graphics when paired with water-resistant adhesive ink jet vinyl.

Floor graphic ideas include:

  • Directional signage
  • Plant signage
  • Retail signage
  • Trade shows
  • Warehouse paths

Dry Erase Cold Lamination Film

Dry Erase Cold Lamination Film from MtM

A gloss polypropylene film specifically designed to be written on with dry erase markers and then wiped clean.

Ideal for application to heat sensitive output and high ink coverage prints on photo gloss paper.



The most common applications for this product are:

  • Courtroom displays
  • Maps
  • Schedules
  • Reusable presentation boards
  • Teaching aids

Polycarbonate Cold Lamination Film

  • Polycarbonate Cold Lamination FilmThe most robust pressure sensitive lamination films.
  • Available in 5 mil, 10 mil and 15 mil thickness.
  • Ideal for trade show and exhibit use – where extra durability is required.
  • Made of tough poly-carbonate – these films give a textured, pebble surface finish which is scuff and scratch resistant.
  • TIP: Use in conjunction with the pressure sensitive backing film on our Media Catalog to create rollable, reusable trade show graphics.


Find more information on our Pressure Sensitive Lamination Materials in our Online Catalog

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