Laser Die-Cut Tags and Labels

Laser Die-Cut Tags and Labels

Produce Cost Effective Tags In-HouseWaterproof-Button

Whether you are a small or large grower, it makes sense to have the ability to produce your own tags and labels at a moment’s notice. Larger wholesale and retail nurseries need to supplement their tags and labels from high volume tag suppliers with instant in-house tag production to meet deadlines in the heat of shipping season.

Stock Tagswaterproof-paper

When you need to produce tags that will stand up to harsh weather conditions or rough handling. PolyTag is a material that will meet your needs.

PolyTags are very durable, waterproof, insect proof and tearproof.

The materials are lightfast with excellent UV fade resistant qualities unlike other synthetic materials with organic content.

Polyesters were developed to be used for applications that call for a robust and durable media with truly exceptional print quality. Our polyester materials are fade and scuff resistant, waterproof, resilient to sweat, solvents and chemicals, wipeable, easily punchable and can be die-cut; and all with no lamination required.Grafted-Plant-FULL-200x300

PolyTags premium laser printable polyester material has a very high opacity for double side printing.

Suitable for all color or monochrome laser copiers and printers.

Whether you are a small or large grower, it makes sense to have the ability to produce your own tags and labels at a moment’s notice.

Customization is the way to make your product standout from the rest.

Personalization is offering your customers the option of having their information on the labels and tags

Wholesale and retail nurseries need to supplement their long lead times from large volume tag suppliers with instant in-house tag production to meet deadlines in the heat of shipping season.

There are two ways nurseries are producing tags in house.6up-Polytag-art_Layout-1

1) Nurseries that use pre die cut and perforated sheets. Simple copy onto the material and tear along the perforations to have ready to use tags.

2) Nurseries that use full size sheets of synthetic paper. here the nursery lays out multiple tags on a large sheet and then cuts the tags out with some form of mechanical cutter.

Either works. It just depends on each nurseries resources, labor equipment, volume etc. Producing cost effective tags in-house

Pre-diecut stock ready to ship

The following diagrams show the range of stocked pre-diecut sheets held in stock ready to ship. These sheets are sold in packs of 25 or 250 sheets.

8up-Badge 8up-Plant-Ties PLC-3DH-Door-Hangers PLC-4ST-String-Tags PLC-6ID-Business-Cards PLC-6LT-Badge-Luggage-Tag PLC-6PP-Door-Hanger PLC-6ST--String-Tags PLC-8PS-Plant-Stake PLC-8ST-string-tags PLC-10PS-Plant-Stake PLC-10ST-String-Tag PLC-28PS-Plant-Stake String-Tag-Book-Marker

 LaserTag Benefits

Custom Plant Tags dieline

1. Delivers clean, micro-perforated edges
with no fuser damaging dust or residue.

2. No material distortion allows trouble-free
feeding of paper in copier.

Geared Towards Retailers Who Want Customization

LaserTag is ideally suited for industries such as florists, nursery growers and all retailers.

1. Create small batch runs of holiday
promotion tags.*

2. Test tag designs and content with end users before placing large order with tag manufacturers.*

3. Work out design kinks beforehand.

4. Ask for customer feedback on what they like or  don’t like about the tag design before going to press.

Nursery Grower Program

Customize your tags to meet your production needs without tying up valuable capital in excessive media and out-of-date tags. Nurseries that qualify for the program will be offered:

  • No minimum order requirement.
  • Competitive wholesale prices.
  • Fixed cost for your media throughout the labeling season.
    Buy only what you need, when you need it at your fixed price.
  • Next day delivery standard in most of Oregon and Washington. Just pay the freight on each order.
  • Unopened stock returned no questions asked without any restocking fee.
  • MtM will confirm any listed media will not affect copier servicing agreement or warranty.

Why Work with MTM on Your Labels and Tags?

Marketing and Technical Materials is a wholesale supplier to copier and printer OEM’s and distributors throughout the United States and Canada. Within our portfolio of materials are waterproof substrates used within the nursery industry for plant tags and labels. Our Online Catalog represents products currently used by other nurseries and farms throughout North America.  nursery labels plant tags - label laser die cutter - plastic plant tags wholesale - laser die cut - nursery plant tags - plastic plant labels wholesale - wholesale tags and labels - spring shelf wobblers - tear resistant label stock - table talker - 

Custom Laser Tags

LaserTag Die Cut Laser Label Material

LaserTag Die Cut Laser Label MaterialWith LaserTag high-speed laser die cutting, expensive dies are not required. Reduced lead times and the ability to make last minute changes are only a few of the benefits of laser die cutting over traditional die cutting.

Laser cutting is an excellent option for small runs as well as pre-production samples for testing before committing to larger orders.

LaserTag Die Cut Laser Label MaterialLaserTag high-speed laser processing delivers smooth, clean edges with no fuser damaging dust or residue. Your finished product will have smooth contoured edges with no fraying or tearing.

Contact-free material processing means no material distortion occurs allowing for flat trouble free feeding of the media.

LaserTag Die Cut Laser Label Material

LaserTag is the logical choice for wholesale nurseries who regularly place large orders with tag vendors, but come up short during the critical spring shipping season.

Independent garden centers who wish to retain control over their brand or only require a small quantity of tags can take advantage of this new technology as well.

Graphic designers are free to explore artistic avenues with complexity and intricacy that was previously impossible to achieve using standard Die Cutting techniques. Design changes can be easily made digitally, reducing the time and cost required to implement last minute alterations.

Die-lines can be created in standard vector graphics software packages.  You are only limited by your imagination!


Nursery Strip tags Plant stakes Plant tagsAvailable in 4, 5, 7 and 10 mil polyester synthetic paper.

Sheet sizes up to 13″ x 19″.

Boxed 100 sheets or 1,000 sheet cartons.

More stock size and shapes coming on board every week! Stay in contact with MtM for the latest stock styles available.

Get your FREE Media Guide chart to check the material compatibility with your printers.


Shane“As we gear up for another season – I’m more convinced than ever that good, unique, and humorous signage is a great way to make a connection with my customers.”

Shane Harvey
Certified Sales and Service Advisor – Lawn and Garden Pro – Experienced Big Box Retailer

Pot Wraps and Labels

Vinyl Over Labels for HIP Labels One Gallon Pot Wraps

Pot Wrap LabelsHIP Labels produces high quality 1g pot wraps. They are an excellent way to provide eye popping graphics and sell the ‘promise’ of what’s to come to retail garden center customers.

Pot wraps enhance the plant by displaying bloom color, logos, ‘gift wrap’ or holidays.

Pot Labels Creative Uses

Vinyl over labels for HIP pot wraps is a great way to customize information for a specific plant variety. For example, if you have pot wraps printed for tomatoes, the individual varieties can be detailed on the cup label. A recipe, logo, QR code can also be added to further customize each plant.

Each 12″ x 18″ sheet has twelve cup-shaped labels ready to personalize. Labels are not limited to nursery applications. Labels can also be used for:

Pot Wraps and Hang Tags– Bumper stickers
– Dive tank test labels
– Electrical labels
– Food and oil drum labels
– Outdoor signage
– Real estate signage
– Water bottle labels

Labels can also be used to ‘test market’ ideas before being mass produced. A quick and easy marketing test in a small market can save your company valuable time and money. For more creative ideas, contact MTM today.


Sign Cards

Plant Sign Cards

Sign cards are your silent sales person who can increase sales by providing customers with detailed planting instructions and what the plant looks like in bloom.

Add your logo to customize and brand your nursery. Include desired plant cultural information such as: Plant name, growth requirements, features as well as price or ideal planting location


  • Water repellent cards to promote your plants in full color.
  • Insert printed cards in metal or plastic sign holders.
  • Economical way to customize your retail garden center signage.
  • 100 % recyclable 285gsm material is laser printer and copier compatible.
  • Available in boxes of 250 sheets in seven convenient sizes:
    1)  5″ x 7″
    2)  7″ x 11″
    3)  8″ x 10″
    4)  8 1/2″ x 11″
    5)  8 1/2″ x 14″
    6)  11″ x 17″
    7)  12″ x 18″

Rite in the Rain Paper

Rite in the Rain all-weather paper available from MtM

Use “Rite in the Rain” patented wide format xerographic paper for your plans and specifications exposed to the environment. No more needing to laminate your important documents to use on-site!

Write as rain paper from MtM“Rite in the Rain” all-weather wide format paper is your tool for better job productivity.
The light blue tint reduces glare and indicates that this paper can be used outside. It’s even recyclable as plain paper.
More information can be found in our Online Catalog.