Banner Paper for Copiers

Banner Paper for Copiers

Did you know that many of todays copier manufacturers are introducing copiers and printers that are capable of running Extra long banner like sheets of material up to 4 foot long. Thats right a color copier that can print on paper 12” high by 4ft long.

Many devices in the market, from Ricoh, Konica,Toshiba, Kyocera and others feature this banner printing function. The difference is huge. Are you looking for banner paper for copiers and printers that are capable of printing extra long sheets or banners?  Click for a link to our new online catalog and banner information.

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Banner Printer Paper from MTM Imaging Supplies


Our Bucket-O-Banners range is the most comprehensive range of digital media for banner printing on copiers available.
We offer:
Economy 20lb bond
40lb. bright white Bond
40lb. Photo-Gloss Bond
Waterproof Self adhesive white vinyl
Tearproof, waterproof synthetic paper (comparable to AquaAce  AABNRC2S)
These materials will feed and perform with extraordinary results on your banner capable copiers. If you are now wondering if your copier can run these extra long copier sheets, you can call us or check with you copier service company or users manual. Click to see a banner capable Printer in action

All of our materials except the 20lb. bond are supplied in sheets shipped in our unique 5 gallon Buckets-O-Banners. The bucket eliminates shipping damage and providing easy storage and access of these large sheets at your location.

40lb Matte Coated Bond Banner Paper Product Code CLC/M40/Bannergloss_coated_bond2waterproof_sythetic_paper_3 self_adhesive_vinyl_4economy_copier_bond_5

Here's just some of many Banner applications!


Mix and Match your own Banner Combo Bucket!

We realize that, not everyone can justify ordering full buckets of each of these materials. To enable you to have all the media choices we have introduced our Banner Combo Bucket containing the most popular selection of materials!

Or, you can contact us and create your own Combo Bucket-O-Banners by selecting your own combination of materials.

The Standard Combo Bucket materials are

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Banner Paper is perfect for Panoramic Photo Printing


Panoramic photos are one of the most intriguing elements of photography.  Photos of landscapes, city
skylines, natural wonders, large groups of people or any other subject that is wide or of unusual dimensions make perfect
panorama candidates. Anyone can take spectacular panoramic photos with a smart phone camera! It’s simple, todays easy to use camera applications allow you to take professional panoramic photos of anything you want. However, the unusual dimensions of pano prints do not work very well with standard paper sizes.

For situations where no other type or size of print will do justice to your photo you can print you photograph on your banner capable copier. Bucket-O-Banners Material Size Quantity Thickness Product Code

Download FREE Ready-Made Banner Templates.
Copyshops and Print for pay customers. We have produced the templates and artwork to help you promote your ability to print panoramic prints and banners for your customers.  Already set up with the designs and fonts embedded, all you have to do is fill in your customer’s information then print it out.  Over 60 different banners to choose from, click here to view and download your templates.

Watch how easy it is to Print Banners in this YouTube video!


Watch this demonstration of running banner media on a Ricoh MP C3003. A quick, easy and profitable way to produce banners for your customers!