Synthetic Papers

Synthetic Papers


Why Synthetic Paper?

Water_paperHave you ever wanted to produce printed literature items that could stand up to the harsh conditions of outdoor use?

If you are looking for a 100% waterproof material with fade resistance, good archival quality, tear resistance and outstanding toner adhesion to withstand scratching, we have a synthetic paper that meets your needs. Synthetic Papers also known as polyester films, Mylar®, synthetics, waterproof papers and permanent papers, all are available in a range of thicknesses and sizes to meet your most demanding application.

Designed to be used on today's modern digital laser copiers and printers. Synthetic papers are used for applications that call for a robust and durable media with truly exceptional print quality.

Synthetic papers are fade and scuff resistant, waterproof, resist blood, sweat, solvents and chemicals, wipeable, foldable, punchable, die cuttable, tear resistant and non-electrical conductive.

We offer the widest range of synthetic paper for digital laser printing. Four grades are available from flexible to very rigid. Each grade has its own unique qualities and performance.


Rigidity Comparison

At MtM, we offer you 4 distinct types of synthetic media. The main reason is that each type has a different degree of rigidity.

Here we show you the difference between the 4 synthetics. We use 1” x 8.5” strips of each material at the 10 mil thickness.

Rigid materials lend themselves to applications such as menus, plant stakes, door hangers and signage.

More supple materials, like Teslin and PolyBlend, are better for manuals and literature where pages will be turned.

Polyesters have a crisp spring to them ideal for shelf wobblers. 

If you need advice on which material is best for your requirement, just give us a call, we will be happy to help.

Are you paying too much for Synthetic Paper?

Cost Comparison between materials. Based on 10mil 12"x18" sheets.

Let MtM save you some money!

If you’re using the following brands, you're spending more than you need to. 

Revlar, Xerox, Nekoosa, Appleton, get the idea. 

Our 4mil Durawhite polyester, is as low as .20¢ per letter size sheet. 

All the popular sizes are readily available or can be converted to your specific requirements. 

Save as much as 25-50% off the big name brands. 

MtM have a range of pricing options to suit your business. 

Please contact us to determine the best pricing option for you, many of our materials are available by the sheet, box, ream, case or pallet. call 1-800-704-4647, email


Prove it for yourself, let us send you a FREE information pack

If you’re not totally impressed by this material, we....

Well...we, we’ll send you your money back!

Wow! what a deal.

You have nothing to lose except those huge invoices from the other guys.


Teslin Flexible Polyester PaperTeslin offers a soft paper like feel. Teslin comes in several grades, not all are suitable for laser copying. The laser Printing grade of Teslin that we offer is a single-layer, film. It is extremely strong and ideal for use with laser printers. Teslin is coated on both sides to enable the sheets to be fed into and through laser printers and copiers. Teslin has ZERO static, is recyclable and non-toxic. The strength of the lamination peel of a Teslin sheet is 2-4 times stronger than other coated synthetic and coated papers. Teslin is commonly used for producing waterproof maps, door hangers, flash cards, horticultural tags, parking permits, and more.

Point/mil gsm2
7 mil 161
10 mil 252
14 mil 308

Semi-Rigid Polyblend Polyester PaperPolyBlend is a dimensionally heat stable semi rigid polypropylene based substrate. PolyBlend offers excellent print definition withextreme tear resistance and durability.

Using advanced technologies, PolyBlend synthetic paper combines the best print performance of any material with good lamination bond strength. PolyBlend remains pliable in extremely cold temperatures and survives heat up to 200 degrees centigrade. 

PolyBlend is waterproof, resists abrasion and tearing, and stands up to a wide range of chemicals. Polyblen offers reduced static over polyester based materials.

Point/mil gsm2
8 mil 176
10 mil 252
12 mil 285
14 mil 308

Rigid Polyester PaperPolyester (polyethylene terephalate - PET ) is the most common synthetic used today. Being the most versatile and heat stable material a wide range of thicknesses are available.

Polyester is a versatile,high performance material which offers excellent opacity, consistent surface finish, heat and chemical resistance, high flexing and tear strength, good electrical insulation, low water absorption, high dimensional stability and accuracy of gauge.

The films coating is formulated to produce accurate color and monochrome copies from a range of standard office copying equipment. The film is coated identically on both sides of a white base to promote flatter and better heat stability.

Point/mil gsm2
4 mil 90
5 mil 105
7 mil 161
10mil 252
14mil 308

Rigid vinyl PVC paperRigid vinyl PVC is a great fit for a multitude of applications and can be easily scored, folded, diecut and laminated. PVC also stands up to UV degradation, is extremely strong, durable, has a beautiful matte white surface that hold up to the most harsh conditions.
Waterproof, tear proof and smudge resistant - PVC is an excellent choice for just about any project that has to endure high traffic or harsh environments. 

PVC is ideal for door hangers, luggage tags, key fobs, membership cards, playing cards, wall charts, industrial signage, outdoor signage, POP displays and much more.

Point/mil gsm2
10 mil 252
15 mil 325
18 mil 395

Synthetic Papers Uses by Industry

Food/ Hospitality
Menus/Cooking Instructions
Table Tents
Airplane Tray Liners
Restaurant Groups
Hotel Door Handle Tags
Water Bottle Labels
Personalized Luggage Tags
Hot Plates
Scuba Diving Log Books
Divers Slates
Nautical Charts
Amusement Park Maps/Signage
Event Passes
Topographic Maps
Ski Passes
Boating Manuals
Marathon and Road Race Bibs 
Marine Biology Survey Paper
Hunting and Fishing Guides
Golf Score Cards
Sailing Log Books
Event Passes
Recipe Cards
Plant Wraps
Plant Stakes
Plant Tags
Outdoor/ Indoor Signage
Planting Instructions
Order picking Slips
Plant Catalogs
Childrens Books
Book Marks
Student ID Tags/ Cards
Parking Tags
Instruction Manuals
3-Ring bound products
Book Covers
Book Dust Covers
Personalized Rulers
Durable Pocket Guides
Instructional Aides
Flash Cards
Phone Cards
Business Cards
Playing Cards
Indoor/ Outdoor Signage
Tab Dividers
Greeting Cards
Conversion Charts
Police & Fire
Plans and Diagrams
Evidence Tags
ID Tags
Investigation Logs
Plans and Diagrams
Flight Manuals
ID Tags
Submarine Manuals
Get out of Jail Free Cards
Hospital Manuals
Medical Charts
Paramedic Pocket Guide
Hospital Charts
Pharmaceutical Manuals
Medical Laboratory Logs
Insurance Cards
Shelf Wobblers/Danglers
Shelf Strips/Sliders
Delicatessen Picks
Retail Tags
Clothing Labels
Bottle Collars
Point-of-Sale Banners
POP Displays
POP Signage
Key FOBs/Cards
Incentive Programs
Membership Cards
Swing Tickets
Lumber Log Tags
Exploded Diagrams
Membrane Switch Pads
Electrical Insulators
Clean Room Environments
Brick Tags
Brochure Covers
Chemical/ Drum Tags
Parts Manuals
Gasoline Station Signage
Engineering Catalogs
Construction Sites – Blueprints
Outdoor Signage
Toy Components
Automotive Manufacturing Manuals
Underwater Fish Tags
Christmas Decorations
Oil Rigging Charts
Slaughterhouse Meat Tags
Utilities – Manuals, Cable Wraps
Outdoor Wire Tagging
Shop Diagrams
Military Manuals/ Usage
EMT/ Fire Department Maps
Poison Charts
Candle Mold Relief
Temporary Car Licence Plates
Print Industry
Printing Plates
Color Test Strips
Planning Grids
pre-press films
color proofing

What Synthetic Papers can you run on your printer?

Are you fully aware of the wide range of media you can use on your photocopier?

We don’t mean the general papers you use everyday. There is a lot of specialty media available to help you get as much out of these expensive devices as you can. 

Your copier may be able to run 4ft long banners or make tearproof and waterproof signs and stickers or even wood veneers. 

MtM can provide you with an easy to understand reference chart of specialty media, specific to your color copier. 

Your chart will show the full range of materials suitable for your particular make and model of copier. 

To get your copy, just ask your MtM supplies representative for your machine’s media chart.



If you are interested in our extensive range of pre-fabricated synthetic media please checkout the links below:


Integrated Synthetic Papers Cards

Lamicards are a new and unique option for the production of professional looking ID and membership
cards. The laminated card is integrated into the letter size printable carrier sheet itself.

The patch style laminate has a specially designed coating which ensures that color and monochrome toners adhere to the card permanently. The carrier sheet is produced with a 60# bright white cover stock. These cards are extremely tear resistant while the micro perforations allow for easy and clean removal of the card from the carrier sheet.

Click here for more on Integrated Synthetic Cards

Pre-Die-Cut Synthetic Papers

Our line of pre-die cut laser products includes everything from shelf strips to specialty products such as plant tags, keg toppers, bottle hangers, etc.

These premium products add a new dimension to your P.O.P displays. Give your products the spotlight with our professional level shelf strips, shelf talkers, and wobblers.

Click here for more on Pre-Die-Cut Synthetic Papers

Custom Laser Die-Cut Synthetic Papers

Make Your Own Custom Waterproof Signage, Tags, Menus and More!

As a leading supplier of waterproof synthetic papers for laser printers, MtM now offers to die cut these materials at the speed of light.

With laser die cut PolyTags you are now free to explore artistic avenues with a complexity and intricacy that was previously impossible to achieve!

Click here for more on Custom Laser Die-Cut Synthetic Papers

Self Adhesive Synthetic Papers

Having the ability to copy onto self adhesive materials transforms your copier into a powerful producer of labels and signs.

Think of the many applications which require labels, stickers and signs for indoor and outdoor use. These materials are ready to convert your ideas into impressive results.

Click here for more on Self Adhesive Synthetic Papers

Synthetic Paper Banners for copiers

Did you know that many of today's copier manufacturers are introducing copiers and printers that are capable of running Extra long banner like sheets of material up to 4 foot long. That's right, your color copier might be one that can print on paper 12” high by 47.25” long.

Click here for more on Synthetic Paper Banners for copiers

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Benefits and Characteristics of Synthetic Papers

tick Weather Proof – Able to withstand water, heat and temperature variations
tick Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use
tick  Durable – Tear proof, fade and scuff resistant
tick  Multi-Purpose – Grease, solvent, chemical, insect, blood and sweat resistant
tick  Machine Compatibility – Very high melt point of 450° allows for use on wide range of equipment
tick  Promotes Work flow Efficiency – No need to laminate
tick  Wide range of thicknesses available
tick  Paper-like appearance – Durable and tough with the appearance and smoothness of paper
tick  Superior Laser Image Quality – Bright white sheets enable high image quality in the finished product
tick  Polyester has good chemical resistance

Alternative Products

If your using any of these products we have alternatives for you

511 3r12808 63028 4369 53120 FR011
514 3R12810 63019 4376 53125 N/A
505 3R12363 63013 4350 53101 N/A
506 3R12804 63015 4355 53111 FR005
508 3R12806 63027 4363