Latex and Solvent Print Media

Latex and Solvent Print Media

With a palette of colors combining to support the rainbow, users can now embrace a palette of media options as well, to fulfill their most creative juices and realize virtually any printed piece imaginable!

latex-can-and-cardsOur unique cans of Latex or Solvent sample materials showcase swatches of 38 different media products specifically designed to run on your wide format printer. It also has the power to stimulate ideas and allow you to reach applications you may not have thought possible or even considered trying.

This range helps you get beyond the ordinary.
With any print requirement, a critical starting step is choosing the right materials. Thanks to today’s improved coatings and efforts by media manufacturers to create a wealth of new and unique products, even first-time artists can achieve professional-quality results with their equipment and our selection of adhesive back films and vinyls, premium gloss, satin and matte photographic stocks, and specialty banner and display materials.

Epson SureColor S70670 printerWhatever your mind can imagine, there’s a material to turn it into reality.
Standing behind this new range is Marketing and Technical Materials, Inc., a recognized leader for over 20 years. MtM supports equipment users with a broad spectrum of media options for small format digital, wide format xerographic, aqueous ink jet and high quality Latex and Solvent printers.

Support at your fingertips
Our capable team is here to answer your questions and provide further support as you start exploring your media options.  We look forward to hearing your feedback and helping you achieve the graphics you can only imagine!

Selecting your Latex and Solvent Print Media

Finding and selecting a product you want from our extensive range of Latex or Solvent Print Media is easy, simply click here to open the Latex Media Chart (PDF) or click here to open the Solvent Media Chart (PDF).

Product Sample Codes can all be found in the left hand column of the charts.

Once you have the Sample Code from the chart, ordering is straightforward. For easy reference our price list has the products categorized by these same Sample Codes, so when you’re ready to place an order just contact us

You can also find material information in our Online Catalog.

Extensive Latex Media Selection from MTM Imaging Supplies Extensive Solvent Media Selection from MTM Imaging Supplies

Note: You can also click on the products in the Media Chart to reveal more product detail.

Request a FREE Media Chart of Recommended Media for Your Printers or Plotters

These print technologies and machine specific charts will not only show you our full range of materials suitable for your particular printer, they will only show those materials that are within the machine’s specifications. If they will not run, they will not be on that particular media list. No more confusion over what might run.

Best of all, the charts are end-user friendly and easy to e-mail direct to your colleagues and customers. We have media charts for Inkjet, Laser, Latex and Solvent printers too! Yours FREE on request. Contact

Are you using the new Ricoh Pro L4130 and L4160 Latex Printers Click here to download your FREE Media Chart.